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Getting There & Away


The quickest (and most expensive) connection between Manila and Boracay via Caticlan is by Air Ads, Asian Spirit and Pacific Airways; the one-way fare is P1700.

Asian Spirit and Air Ads bookings can be made at the Red Coconut, Balabag.

Pacific Airways bookings can be made at the Dublin Rest house in Angol, the Red Coconut in Balabag and at the Boracay Tourist Center.

The little PAL office is next to the Sea Resort in Angol. Apart from taking care of changes in itinerary and flight confirmations PAL also sells tickets for P150 for the air-con bus from Caticlan to Kalibo, which includes the boat trip from Boracay to Caticlan. The office is open from 8:30am to noon and 2 to 4pm. PAL flights also can be booked at the Boracay Tourist Center and at Pantelco, above the Pa-am Minimart near the Mistral Resort.

PAL flies from Manila to Kalibo on Panay and Tugdan on Tablas Island, in Romblon Province. The connection from Kalibo to Boracay via Caticlan is better than the one from Tugdan to Boracay via Santa Fe. After the aircraft arrives, there are air-con buses from Kalibo to Caticlan. PAL also flies from Cebu City to Kalibo.

The trip with a bus belonging to the companies Southwest Tours or 7107 Boracay Shuttle cost P150. Southwest Tours sells tickets at the domestic airport in Manila. The price includes the boat transfer from Caticlan to Boracay.

Boat & Bus

Many boats cruise along White Beach heading for Caticlan; just wait at one of the boat stations if you want to go there. The first boat comes along at about 6 am. There are three so-called boat stations on White Beach for boats to and from Caticlan 15; 30 minutes): Boat Station I at the Mila's Boracay Beach Resort, Boat Station 2 the tourist office and Boat Station 3 at the Sulu Bar. From June to November, during the south-west monsoons, the sea on the west side of Boracay can grow too rough for outrigger boats. They then have to leave from Tabon (to the east of Caticlan) instead of from Caticlan itself, and drop anchor on east coast in the bay near the Dead Forest, or near Bulabog.

As almost all passengers have to wade through the water to get to the boats or back to shore, patent-leather boots and well-pressed long trousers are definitely not the things to wear.

On arrival in Caticlan, you can get a Jeepney or bus to Kalibo (two hours).

A bus leaves Caticlan for Iloilo City via Kalibo at around 6.30 am (six hours). Anyone wanting to take this bus will have to take either the first boat at 6 am or a Special Ride for about P175 from Boracay.

Air-con buses make special trips from m Kalibo airport, timed to catch the departures of PAL flights. Tickets for the Tours bus can be obtained at the PAL office on Boracay; the 7107 Boracay office is located near Boat Station 1.

There are also shipping services between Manila, New Washington and Dumaguit, both are near Kalibo on Panay.