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Getting Around

The island is so small that we can walk around on foot and see close up nature.It takes only one hour and half or so for come and go of 4 Km White Beach from one end to another. However you have to be tough to go around Yapak on foot, as it is hilly and you may seldom find shade trees. Direct sun light is especially strong from noon to around two p.m.

Tricycles are motorcycles with sidecars for passengers.They are one of the most popular transports in the Philippines. The fare is from P5 to P20 per person. They can not enter White Beach.It costs approximately P150 per hour to charter a tricycle.

Many resorts rent out bicycles.They cost about P50 per hour. Check up breaks and pedals first when you borrow a bicycle. Bicycles should run on the right. Beware of tricycles on roads.

If you want to lend motorcycles, ask your resort staying. Road conditions and driving manners might be different from your country's, so they are not recommendable for tourists.International drivers licence is required. It costs approximately P150 per hour to charter a motorcycle.