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Next to the Titay Theater Restaurant in Manggayad Vibes Shiatsu Center and Fausto's Shiatsu Massage will take care of you. For about P200 an hour well-trained, licensed blind masseurs will provide acupressure and reflexion zone massages. These professional massages should not be compared with the ones available at the beach for P150.

Boat Trips
An unhurried trip around island by outrigger boat can be arranged a about P500. A day trip, including the nearby Carabao Island with its equally beautiful white sand beaches - Still unspoiled by tourism - would cost a bit more. Their skilful artisans on Carabao who not build snazzy paraw (a small, fast outrigger sailboat given to capsizing), but also mastered the art of sailing them well. Now and then, boat trips to interesting snorkeling areas are available, for example with the MB Blue Dolphin, which costs P150 per person for four hours.

A diving trip, including one dive, the boat and equipment, will cost you P600; day courses cost P7500. The equipment at the different dive shops is of varying quality; it's worthwhile making a comparison and paying particular attention that the equipment is new. For further information, check with Aqualife Diving Center, Aquarius Diving, Asia Divers, Beach Life Diving Center, Boracay Scuba Diving School, Calypso Diving, Far East Scuba Diving Institute, Lapu-Lapu Diving, Nautilus Ocean Deep Diver Training Center, Dive Center and Victory Divers.

Horseback Riding
A one hour ride, with a guide if necessary, costs about P350 at the
Boracay Horse Riding Stables (tel: 288 3311), balabag, near Friday's. Riding lessons are available.

On White Beach you can hire a paraw. It costs P100 an hour, or P500 per day.

There are good snorkeling at Ilig-Iligan Beach in the north-east and at little Crocodile Island just off the Southeast coast. But beware of the strong currents that can often be encountered on the east coast of Boracay. Especially off Crocodile Island and Laurel Island the undertow has been known to put the wind up even strong swimmers. Laurel Island offers a unique attraction for snorkelers. Through an opening in the rocky floor, an iron ladder leads to a partly flooded cave. The cave is open to the sea, and fish and coral can be observed.

It costs between P220 and P250 an hour to rent a board. One-week courses cost around P2000. Rental and courses are available at the restaurant Zur kleinen Kneipe and elsewhere. There are other companies on Bulabog Beach on the east of the island, which is also the venue every January for The Boracay Funboard Cup, one of the leading windsurf competitions in Asia.

is available at the Tirol & Tirol resort, Manggayad (next to the tourist office) for P140 an hour, including rackets and balls.