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Health & Education

For Medical Services there are a number of clinics on the island, e.g. The Boracay Medical Clinic (tel: 288 3147) is open round the clock.

Dangers & Annoyances The influx of tourists has attracted a few shady characters who want their share in the boom. Keep an eye on your valuables and lock your cottage, especially at night. If possible, use your own lock. It's a sad fact that, in security as in other things, Boracay may be approaching the end of its time as the second Garden of Eden.

Attacks have already been made on individuals at night (usually drunk), and women have been sexually molested on their way back alone late at night from a bar or disco. It's better to wait a few minutes and have some company for the way back to your accommodation.

It's not a good idea to arrange snorkeling trips with people who are not from Boracay, as they neither know the dangerous currents nor where the good coral can be found.

The tap water on Boracay is not suitable for drinking at all. I even avoid brushing my teeth with it. Nearly every store carries drinking water in plastic bottles, but be careful, make sure the seal hasn't been broken before you buy any! The best alternative is to have your own water bottle and to treat the water with iodine. This is l00% safe.

Batteries are consumed at an enormous rate on Boracay, with the result that disposal of used batteries is becoming a real problem The island would benefit greatly if people took their used batteries with them to the next big town.