Boracay Menu


There are lots of opportunities for entertainment and diversion on Boracay. Those of us too lazy to walk can indulge in the pleasure of 'bar-hopping' by tricycle, for example from the Sub Bar to the Beachcomber.

After dinner many guests like to listen to music or go dancing at their favorite place Moondog 's Shooter Bar in the Cocomangas Beach Resort in Balabag is very popular r 1 happy hour. Many people head from the, later on to the Beachcomber, where the dancing can become very animated when things warm up.

Others prefer the big Bazura disco one km farther south, which is particularly busy at weekends. The atmosphere in the Baracuda Bar next to the Nigi Nigi Noos is pleasant. Also popular in Angol is the Sulu Bar, with billiards and videos. A few meters away the Jungle Bar occasionally breaks out in a spontaneous party.

For a change of pace, the Titay Theater Restaurant in Manggayad offers free cultural every evening together with a dinner b and the Beachlife shows videos after dark.